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Development and property management

Land acquisition, property management and development are a critical part of any new scheme. Any project that involves a new or enhanced facility can have extremely complex land assembly and management requirements, which is often the first thing that needs sorting before the scheme commences.

Our property management and development experts have a wealth of experience in assisting clients with major rail development projects through land assembly, managing rail industry processes and providing an interface on legal support elements. We have also supported several franchise bids in identifying development opportunities and providing advice on maximising secondary income streams.

Our team has extensive rail experience in all property related matters but in particular land assembly, station and network change, land transfer agreements, easements and wayleaves, as well as asset ownership and maintenance.

Our core areas of expertise

Land assembly

  • Obtaining land for new development, whether through freehold purchase or long-term lease.
  • Obtaining land for the construction phase, including any additional land required for construction access and site set up prior to the commencement of a project.

This is a very complex area, with many factors and legalities to encompass such as the condition of land, buried services, easements, access rights, public rights of way and ownership structures.

Our team will identify appropriate areas of land required for each project, negotiate heads of terms with the relevant landowners and manage the drafting of legal agreements, seeing these through to completion.

Asset ownership and maintenance

  • Strategic planning for station retailing and advice on the best mix of retailers.
  • Assessment of retail levels and advice on income maximisation.
  • Process lease renewals, rent reviews and service changes.
  • Listed building and planning consent advice.
  • Allocation of maintenance responsibilities between landlord and tenants.
  • Drafting access permissions for service providers, such as utilities, so they can maintain their equipment.

Asset operation

  • Drafting access permissions for third parties, from train operators to network maintenance teams
  • Strategic planning of operations and service modelling to ensure that the new development meets the needs of TOCs, Network Rail, local authorities, passenger groups and other interested parties

Our development and property management expertise brings real financial as well as operational benefits to any new development. We ensure that any project meets the needs of all interested parties and is as efficient and profitable as possible. Future-proofing comes as standard.

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Development and property management for rail schemes

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