We’re celebrating the role that apprenticeships play in building the future, as part of National Apprenticeship Week 2022.

The week brings together businesses and apprentices across the country to highlight how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career, and businesses to develop a talented workforce that is equipped with future-ready skills.

SLC recognises the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

Meet Lucy our Apprentice Engineer

National Apprenticeship Week

Lucy Dyer joined SLC Rail last year as an Apprentice Engineer.  She’s nearly two years into a five-year Level 6 Civil Engineer Degree Apprenticeship BEng (Hons) and can see first-hand the benefits that apprenticeships can bring to businesses and individuals:

“I’ve always been interested in Civil Engineering – it runs in my family!  My dad and my sister are both engineers.

“I wish I knew about the apprenticeship route when I was 16 years old and thinking about career choices, because I much prefer being able to apply what I learn in the real-world.  It wasn’t until I was older that I knew that apprenticeships were a real alternative to university.

“My apprenticeship means I’m learning as I go and putting it into practice straight away.  SLC Rail has been really supportive and I’m benefiting from invaluable mentorship from my colleagues.  I’m also able to start working towards professional qualifications with the Institution of Civil Engineers – in addition to gaining real work experience on a variety of rail projects – which may actually put me in a better position than those who’ve chosen the university route. I’m so glad I picked an apprenticeship and I would recommend to others to consider this option.”

Meet Annalise who started as an Apprentice Administrator

National Apprenticeship Week

Annalise Wall joined SLC Rail aaApprentice Administrator nearly four years ago when she was 18. She has found it a great career choice that has given her the chance to grow in confidence and experience:   

“I’d never previously considered the rail industry aa career but decided to go for it when I saw this opportunity advertised.  The year-long apprenticeship involved a mixture of study and office work. I found that the apprenticeship helped me to grow, and I’m now involved in other areas of the business such as supporting with cyber security training.   

“I’d recommend the apprenticeship route because it gives you work experience and support from your colleagues.”