Specialist support and expertise, turning your rail aspirations into reality.

Our team of innovative, dedicated professionals leads development of visionary rail strategies and design rail services that win the support of the rail industry and funders. We lead your project through specification and procurement to timely, cost-effective delivery.


Working with commercial developers to gain industry acceptance, based on credible rail services and profitable station projects.

Train Operators

Helping train operators to deliver on franchise commitments and realise opportunities through new and enhanced station facilities.


Partnering with local government to develop rail strategies, overcome obstacles and lead successful project delivery.

Shaping Rail Strategy

Creating visionary, evidence-based strategies that make the strongest possible case for your project with the rail industry, funding bodies and influential stakeholders.

Developing Rail Services

Applying our extensive experience to translate your vision into fully formed rail services that meet the needs of the public, train operators and the wider rail network.

Delivering Rail Projects

Leading your rail projects as trusted advisor, promoting and protecting your interests throughout specification, procurement and project delivery.

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