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The SLC Way

We are guided in everything we do by some key principles – The SLC Way – which runs through every part of our business.

The SLC Way… it’s more than a phrase

The SLC Way means more than a simple phrase; it’s a promise to our employees and clients that there will always be honesty and integrity in all aspects of our work.

By defining a set of purposes and values, we create a shared understanding of what the company can count on from its people, what individuals can expect from the company, and their mutual expectations for each other.

Our values

Rail matters

We are passionate about the economic value of rail, locally and nationally. We are driven by the impact that an enhanced railway network can have on people’s lives and on business.

Purpose first

We will always start by understanding your strategic objectives and how – indeed, whether – those can be fulfilled through enhancements to the rail network.

Safety matters

We are accredited under the Rail Safety and Standards Board RISQS scheme, authorising our operations in the rail environment.

Belief-driven work

Our motivation comes from seeing the first passengers walk through the doors, so we only work on projects we believe in; we will tell you if we don’t think a scheme is right.

Our team is your team

The SLC Way is to nurture long-standing partnerships with our clients, to embed ourselves within your team and develop a deep understanding of your vision, putting your objectives first at every stage.

Say it how it is

We are not afraid to challenge – ourselves, you and rail industry partners – to achieve the best outcomes, while maintaining the excellent relationships we have built over many years.

Support at every step

We provide expert support and advice from the earliest ideas stage, through the development and design phases, right through to delivering the end product.

Valuable experience

We use our direct, personal experience of innovative investment and scheme delivery to guide you through the complexities of developing railway projects to deliver successful outcomes.

Be part of the community

We engage with professional and industry bodies, fostering growth and contributing to industry learning and standards. Our team participates across all levels, from Graduate to Chartered and Fellowship.

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