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Developing Rail Schemes

We will develop your strategic vision into fully funded, industry-accepted schemes.

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Our experienced specialists take care of the detail, creating clear and comprehensive plans that stand up to scrutiny and secure the approval of rail industry stakeholders.

Streamlining rail projects

While the Hansford Review led to changes that make it easier for third parties to deliver rail projects, there are still complex procedures and processes to navigate, as well as commercial interests to consider.

Our team is skilled and experienced at leading the development of rail schemes, from their early stages through the technically complex and often politically challenging journey to industry acceptance and approval.

We are at the forefront of understanding and applying the principles of new developments such as PACE to achieve effective third-party delivery and smoothing the progress of your scheme.

Stakeholder engagement

With complex contractual relationships, conflicting priorities and diverse commercial incentives amongst project partners, effective stakeholder engagement is critical to successful delivery.

We have a wealth of experience, successfully managing stakeholders on a range of major schemes. Our people build confidence within the client team, the rail industry and with external stakeholders. We maintain focus on your vision and ensure your objectives are achieved.

Service design and planning

Successfully negotiating changes to established train services, securing additional capacity and even procuring extra rolling stock requires a special level of understanding of the workings of the network, the timetable and the industry.

We work with rail industry partners to achieve these enhancements, providing evidence that will persuade them of the mutual benefits your scheme will deliver.

Property, land and development

We recognise how critical an effective property and land acquisition strategy is to the success of third-party rail schemes.

Our dedicated property team specialises in resolving complex land and planning issues and negotiating property agreements in a railway environment. They are adept at everything from land assembly, involving negotiation with landowners such as Network Rail or railway neighbours; submitting planning applications, including highway works and agreeing consents (such as listed buildings).

Contracts and commercial

With our rail background and in-house commercial experts, we’re well-placed to provide Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying services. Whether it's supporting new railway infrastructure or masterplan regeneration projects, we're here to help your project succeed.

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