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Delivering Rail Projects

Working alongside your team, we provide leadership throughout the project life cycle on complex, multi-disciplinary rail schemes

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From design and engineering through project and construction management, our multi-disciplinary specialists lead every stage of the project as fully embedded members alongside your own team. We share your commitment and hold everyone accountable to meeting your requirements, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Navigating industry processes

The complex mechanism of third-party scheme delivery on the railway must follow Network Rail’s PACE (Project Acceleration in a Controlled Environment) and Asset Protection processes. We are experts in effectively designing and managing programme activities in compliance with these rules, ensuring completion on time and budget.

Engineering and design management

Our specialist designers and engineers work on your behalf, developing specifications, scrutinising designs and reviewing programmes to find the best solution for your scheme, to minimise risk and obtain the best value from everyone involved.

We develop innovative approaches to delivery and use our expert understanding of relevant standards to critique options as they are developed, giving advice on practicalities and value for money.

We are renowned for our collaborative approach and our ability to anticipate and resolve potential problems. We involve your team in review and decision-making in order to build their own knowledge and expertise.

Project management

The railways are some of the most demanding environments in which to deliver projects. Technically complex and within a safety-critical environment, rail project management must respond to the different agendas of the multiple stakeholders who own the assets, operate the services and regulate the network.

Our delivery team is led by highly experienced rail project managers, who are well versed in Network Rail’s standards and methodology. We bring a range of essential skills, including resource management, financial control, stakeholder engagement, risk management and procurement of design and build contractors.

With involvement from early in the scheme development, we deliver an exceptionally high proportion of projects on time and within budget.

Entry into service

The handover from construction project to fully operating rail service can be complex, with multifaceted asset agreements and commercial arrangements to conclude. From the outset, we develop simplified processes, working with asset owners such as Network Rail to achieve buy-in based on a shared understanding.

In addition to rail, we identify other handover areas including buildings and roads, and assist in these processes. Our experienced project managers, site engineers and construction managers hold contractors to account throughout so everything is built to specification and can be put into operation smoothly and harmoniously.

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