Oscar, an A-level student with a keen interest in Project Management and Commercial Management, recently got the chance last week to spend three days with us to get hands-on experience in the professional world.

Along with attending meetings and meeting people in SLC, Oscar also ventured beyond the office to visit University Station. SLC Rail is working on this project in a joint venture with AECOM as Rail Delivery Partner.

Oscar said:

“When I arrived outside the SLC offices in the morning, despite having done research on the website and having every day mapped out in a sort of calendar, I was more than a bit worried and unsure as to what to expect. However, the receptionist knew to expect me and Shoumik (who looked after me) was great at explaining stuff and putting me at ease. It was then straight into meetings online, which were hard to follow and full of technical information (which was later explained to me)! So, by the end of that day, I had loads to think about.

“The next day I was lucky enough to spend time with a number of the directors who all gave me things to think about and answered any questions I had. This prepared me for the site visit, which I think I enjoyed most as there were lots of people to talk to and lots to learn as well as a number of tasks or exercises I was given to complete.

“Thanks to SLC, I now know much more, and it has given me a good snapshot of what construction project management is. It’s definitely going to be something I look at more closely when making my university choices.”