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Oxenholme railway station

Supporting Avanti West Coast’s (AWC) goal for enhanced customer experiences, we assessed areas of the station that were under-utilised and offered recommendations for improvements.

Project Overview

Owned by Network Rail and leased to Avanti West Coast (AWC), the Oxenholme station is situated in the Lake District on the West Coast Mainline. AWC determined there were areas of the station that were not being fully utilised and sought opportunities for re-purposing key areas of the station to provide enhanced customer experiences, optimise space, and increase commercial revenue. We were commissioned in January 2023 to deliver a feasibility study that examined: the island platform Combined Waiting Room and Retail Unit, the platform 1 Storeroom, and the island platform Northern Waiting Room. The study also considered the interfacing of the Solar Meadow project and offered cost-based options.

Our challenge

As part of our #WeDoStations ethos, we provided expertise in delivering a better railway experience that serves the needs of the end users, by understanding the role of the station in the community and the operational challenges that the station can pose. Alongside our partners Fereday Pollard and Q Sustain, we conducted a feasibility study gathering desk study information, conducting site survey, and developing cost-based options. Alongside our commission, our contractor Q Sustain were investigating opportunities to apply solar energy by reviewing previous Solar Meadow project with fresh eyes and came up with new ideas including solar trees. Our property specialists gathered information pertaining to land boundary and land ownership.

We reviewed the island platform Combined Waiting Room and Retail Unit and developed design and cost-based options. We also undertook a visual survey gathering information from photographs and provided various design options with significant improvement to layout and spacing for both waiting area and retail area adhering to new station standards including accessibility. A long glass modern building was adopted with charging points, retail area, and waiting room.


  • Successfully completed the project ahead of AWC’s end-of-financial-year deadline, earning praise from the client and opening avenues for potential future collaborations. Our commitment to delivering ahead of schedule not only met client expectations but also demonstrated our dedication to excellence, fostering a positive relationship and creating exciting prospects for ongoing partnership and collaboration.
  • Applied the SLC Way culture and embraced the #WeDoStations philosophy to develop multiple options for our client. This approach facilitated a comprehensive assessment of the civic role, streamlined the process of obtaining necessary consents, and ensured meticulous interpretation of Railway Standards. By aligning with these principles, we not only met project objectives but also demonstrated our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry best practices.
  • Delivered comprehensive solutions that extended beyond the defined scope, particularly in the inclusion of diverse toilet layouts within the options study. These adaptable solutions provide flexibility, ensuring seamless integration into any selected option. This initiative not only broadens the range of choices but also showcases our commitment to anticipating and addressing diverse user needs with innovative and customisable features.
  • Devised cost-effective alternatives that meet the criteria for the significant improvement of the current island platform Combined Waiting Room and Retail Unit. The developed options not only addresses the requirements effectively but also offer a financially prudent approach, ensuring an improved and economically viable solution for the benefit of both the facility and its users.

What the client said:

“SLC’s commitment to enhancing customer experience at the station has been outstanding. SLC Rail’s expert assessment of underutilised areas led to proposing significant improvements, including a new waiting room, accessible toilets, and better retail facilities. The feasibility study, conducted with Fereday Pollard and Q Sustain, was comprehensive, focusing on enhancing customer satisfaction and integrating innovative solutions like the Solar Meadow project.

“Their expertise shone in the detailed analysis and development of various design options, prioritising accessibility and community needs. The project’s completion ahead of our financial year-end deadline, showcasing their efficiency and dedication, was much appreciated. This successful project not only met our objectives but also strengthened our partnership with SLC Rail. Their alignment with their #WeDoStations philosophy were key to the project’s success, ensuring Oxenholme Station remains a vital and welcoming hub and gives us the tools to further enhance the station in the near future.”

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