Coventry City Council is driving inward and investment to develop the local rail infrastructure with the new Coventry Rail Investment Strategy. The team at SLC Rail prepared the strategic document to outline the future passenger, freight and rail facilities of Coventry; downloadable from, which the Council is now using to drive investment and planning development.

Mike Waters, Transportation Manager, Coventry City Council said “SLC Rail has provided outstanding very tailored advice and expertise to craft a clear strategic document that directly relates to our needs.”

SLC Rail is now part of the Masterplan consultancy team and will continue to work with the Council and its partners in the future planning phases. Coventry City Council are also now working together with Warwickshire County Council, supported by SLC Rail, on extending the Rail Story’s assessment of the economic value of enhanced rail services is also being extended to cover the wider Coventry and Warwickshire LEP Area.

The first major step forward in developing the strategy into physical improvements has already begun. The City Council has taken one of the major high-level outputs and findings – the regeneration of Coventry Station, and formed a partnership with Virgin Trains, Network Rail and Centro to develop a comprehensive Masterplan for the station.

To read more about The Coventry Rail Investment Strategy and download it for yourself, visit our projects section here.

Ian Walters, Director, SLC Rail