Today is International Women In Engineering Day and it plays a vital role in encouraging more young women to take up engineering careers.

A report by Engineering UK in March 2022 showed that women only make up only 16.5% of Engineers and SLC recognises the importance of highlighting what a rewarding career this is for everyone.

Siân Pitchford. Head of Engineering at SLC Rail said:  “Engineering is a great career – it is so varied and no two jobs are the same, it’s challenging but you are always learning something new.

“I would always recommend engineering as a profession, if you are interested in solving problems, organising multiple workstreams, finding the best approach and helping people and organisations achieve their objectives to make the built environment better for all, then engineering is your answer.”

Lucy Dyer, Apprentice Engineer at SLC Rail said:  “There are different career paths and roles in the engineering industry which is great because you don’t have to follow the crowd and you can work in a way that suits you best.

“At SLC, our projects present opportunities to make a positive impact, we have the opportunity to leave the planet in a better place than we found it and provide people with better lives. It’s rewarding to know we’re doing our part to make the world better.”

SLC is on the lookout for people to join the business, particularly in Engineering, Commercial, and Project Management.  If you’re interested in joining us, then e-mail: