SLC Rail and AECOM hosted a thought-provoking and engaging Women in Rail event for over 30 rail professionals in the West Midlands on Tuesday evening in advance of International Women in Engineering Day on Friday, 23 June.

The event, held at SLC’s headquarters in Birmingham, revolved around this year’s International Women in Engineering Day theme: ‘Make Safety Seen’.

The occasion provided an invaluable platform for networking and the chance to participate in a unique escape room-inspired game that challenged participants to race against the clock to identify workplace hazards and opened up discussions about the importance of cultivating an open safety culture.

The evening also featured presentations by Sam Uren, Director of SLC Rail, and Charlotte Candy, Risk Director of AECOM.

Reflecting on the importance of the theme of the event, Sam Uren, Director of SLC Rail, said: “There are many different layers to safety, both physical, mental and psychological, and all are vital for a future workplace. At SLC, we aim to create an environment that supports all our people no matter who they are so they can challenge and speak up about work and home-based safety issues and safety inequalities.”

Adding to this, Charlotte Candy, Risk Director of AECOM, said, “I’m delighted that this year’s International Women in Engineering Day focuses on Safety. Across industry it is vital that safety is an uncompromisable aspect of every project and it is great to see women encouraged to consider careers in such an important area of rail.”

Women in Rail, a proactive initiative which promotes and encourages diversity within the UK rail industry, career opportunities and provides networking events and support to people in the sector.

Claire Burrows, Chair of Women in Rail West Midlands, said: “Events like these are a great way for our members to connect and to drive their personal development. We are grateful for the support of SLC Rail and AECOM in organising and sponsoring this for us. I’d also like to thank the driving force behind the event, Jade Masih, SLC’s Project Engineer, who has recently joined our regional committee.”

To learn more about Women in Rail and their ongoing efforts to promote diversity or to become a member, please visit