SLC Rail, the leading rail consultancy who work closely with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), recently visited Croft Primary School in Warrington to ignite the children’s curiosity about civil engineering and in particular rail projects.

Thomas Coon, Senior Project Manager, and Sam Uren, Company Director, spent an afternoon with students from years 2, 5, and 6, introducing them to civil engineering and dispelling the notion that engineering is confined to digging in the mud.  The interactive sessions encouraged the children to think differently about the buildings and structures surrounding them and how civil engineering affects their lives on a daily basis.

Reflecting on the visit, Thomas Coon said, “It was truly fantastic to witness the enthusiasm and innovative ideas displayed by the children. We find STEM activities immensely rewarding, and it’s important to inspire our future engineers by showcasing the endless possibilities that a career in engineering can offer.”

Image description: Sam Uren talking to the children about Civil Engineering.

SLC Rail has been working with TfGM on a proposed new railway station in Golborne, just three miles away from Croft Primary School, so the older children were also asked to design their own railway station. The results were impressive, with many of the children highlighting the importance of accessibility and incorporating features such as electric car charging stations and bicycle facilities. One of the children even demonstrated their creativity by envisioning a unique addition—an onsite Gucci shop!

Sam Uren added: “It was fabulous to see the levels of engagement and enthusiasm expressed when the children were designing their own stations. The opportunity for recognition of skills beyond academia is important with most of the activities focusing on communication and creativity.  Having a decidedly mixed group was encouraging too – we recognise that diversity in engineering is crucial to solve the complex problems we manage and as women currently constitute only 16.5% of the engineering workforce, it was great to see so many girls enthusiastic about the task.”

The afternoon’s success has led to an invitation for SLC Rail to return and spend more time with the remaining students at Croft Primary School to continue their work to inspire young minds and nurture a passion for engineering within the next generation.

Anne Mains, Headteacher of Croft Primary School said:  “We were so lucky to have a visit from SLC Rail.  It is important for children to know what opportunities are available for them.  Having such positive role models explaining civil engineering to them will hopefully open up their minds to an engineering career in the future.”